Troy Bogar Photography | Tips


Below are simple tips to improve your pictures:

1. For successful outdoor pictures, allow the sun to be your friend. Try taking your pictures before noon,in the afternoon and/or at sunset.  You will also improve your shots by avoiding having the Sun directly above you.  In addition, while taking your pics on sunny days try to place the sun behind you.  Its very important to look at your subjects face and try to identify and eliminate shadowed areas. Have the subject turn away or toward you to minimize these dark areas. learning how to position the person in relationship to the sun is very important to making great images out doors. On these sunny days, try to place the sun behind you while photographing your subject.

And finally just go out and practice and have fun!
2. Try to avoid whats often called "bull eye shots". Bull eye shot are pic where you take a picture with the subject directly in front of the
camera, like a target. Try spicing things up by off setting the subject to the right or left. And direct your subject, not to look directly into the camera.
Clean your camera body.
Always use a soft cloth to remove any accumulated dirt. If necessary, dampen the cloth and then wring it almost dry. Wiping the camera body with an almost dry cloth is highly recommended if you've been taking photographs at the beach and there is a lot of salt spray in the air.
Clean your camera lenses.
Purchase a lens cleaning kit at your favorite camera retailer and use it after every shoot.